Since 2002, Pathfinders has been providing valued advisory and consultancy services to global corporations, mid tier enterprises, and public sector agencies. We inform, develop and apply strategic thinking in key areas such as...

Our experience, proven approaches, proprietary decision support software tools and methodologies allow us to address often difficult and complex issues in challenging corporate environments. We are experienced consultants and practitioners, with careers spanning both major and boutique consultancies, and senior line roles within global corporations. Our ways of working successfully balance a collaborative approach with driving to completion.

We have helped clients to win major awards; our overseas work has been featured by the UK Department of Trade and Industry, and our views are quoted in National Media.

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Preparing and Mobilising Your Post Brexit Strategy and Response


Time To Act

Brexit will significantly impact supply chain strategy, design and operation. Trade routings and customs compliance options could dramatically impact a company's ability to supply it's customers. We are ready to help you understand your options and respond positively to the Brexit changes.

Trusted Trader and Authorised Economic Operator (AEO)

Truster Trader and AEO

AEO Could Provide Brexit Mitigation

Authorised Economic Operators will be best positioned to retain customers and margins post Brexit. Whilst potential AEOC (Customs Simplification) benefits to date have been up to 5% of import value and ca. 8 to 10% for AEOS (Safety and Security), likely preferential treatment post Brexit could significantly add to an already compelling business case.

Securing Your Supply Chain; Dealing With Increasing Threats

Supply Chain Security

Upstream Supply Threats Can De-Rail Your Business

Threats to the Supply Chain are increasing in frequency and impact. Sources moving to regions with more natural disasters; criminal and terrorist hijacking of vehicles; compromise of IT and fixed assets; counterfeiting risking human health; threats must be taken seriously to minimise risk to corporate reputation and survival.

Optimise Trading Relationships

Trading Partner Relationships

Succeed In An Increasingly Connected World

Most companies have suppliers and alliance partners, but only about a quarter of those relationships succeed. Real competitive advantage can be gained from becoming adept at identifying, implementing and developing trading partner relationships. Contact us to find out how.

Build Facts Based Understanding And Insights


Underpin Strategic Decisions with Primary Research

Whilst many strategies are based on analysis, secondary benchmarking and/ or research, commissioning primary research offers the opportunity to build strategies and plans on facts, data and insights known only to you. In turn this can potentially enable your company to gain competitive advantage or differentiation. We carry out both commissioned research and our own research to inform our points of view and intellectual capital. Talk to us to learn more.

Assess and Leverage Breakthrough Technologies


Change The Rules With Disruptive and Digitisation Technologies

The growth in opportunities arising from disruptive technologies offers unprecendented opportunities to deploy game changers. Digitisation of the supply chain can enable companies to radically change their routes to market whilst dramatically reducing supply costs. Learn how to assess the opportunities, select the right way forward and mobilise deployment.