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Applying Strategic Thinking to Difficult Problems

Pathfinders applies strategic thinking to solving clients' difficult issues. Founded in 2002, we have delivered recognised value to clients in industries as diverse as Oil and Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Financial Services, Chemicals, Telecoms, Retail, Textiles and Public Sector. Our clients have benefitted from...

Our research activities are typically based on primary research, with an emphasis on learning from people through direct interaction. We additionally use benchmarking and surveys to understand current situations and views from larger population groups. We carry out commissioned research for clients; commissioned research for network partners to incorporate into their own client facing interactions and our own research to inform our points of view and intellectual capital. We have successfully predicted challenges such as the increasing role of Trusted Traders and trade compliance on a company's ability to trade competitively across the globe; the rise in both likelihood and consequence of threats to the global supply chain and the shift in the role of IT from "Cost" to "Enabler" as digitisation advances. We are currently working on subjects such as the Impact of Digitisation on Supply Chain, Impact of Brexit on the Structure of Global Supply Networks and The Opportunity for a UK AEO Scheme to Improve UK Companies' Competitiveness Post Brexit.

Where required we carry out supporting training and upskilling in order to enable ongoing self-sustaining change. Additionally we offer proprietary "off the shelf" courses designed to improve clients' inhouse skills, understanding and capabilities.

Making the right decisions is critical. We have developed a proprietary decision support platform to help our clients make decisions based on enhanced understanding, rapid evaluation of what if scenarios, and modelling of options. We typically provide this as a managed service on behalf of clients, but we also make the platform available to clients for their own use via a software licensing model. The platform is hosted in the Cloud and therefore typically does not impact a client's IT Estate, making it's acquisition and use simpler.

We work closely with partner organisations to tailor solutions to fit specific needs.

We would be very pleased to discuss how we could help you solve your issues. Please either send us an email, or call us. We will call you back for an initial phone discussion.