Our Partners
Wider Capability Through Partnership

To support our networked consulting model, we have developed a network of partners to assist us in delivering tailored "best of breed" solutions for our clients. Pathfinders' creative approach to solving problems has also led us to integrate a number of technologies into our solutions.

Products to Support Supply Chain Security and Resilience

Sandfire® is our sister company, providing environmental, power and security monitoring products to help you deliver Supply Chain and IT resilience. Sandfire provides products in the context and understanding of the wider Supply Chain and IT risk, resilience and security management agenda. Rather than simply selling boxes, we jointly understand the role products play in assuring Supply Chain and IT resilience.

Improving Alliances, Partnerships and Supplier Relationships

Enterprizer® is an innovative software system for enterprise modelling, combining a structured framework with a unique scoring system that enables multi-parameter analysis of stakeholders and success factors. The Enterprizer® toolkit represents best practice developed together with leading research institutes and associations. We use Enterprizer® to support our work in developing partnerships, alliances, managed service provider relationships and other relationships.

Strategic Research and Market Analysis

Based offshore, Rocsearch support, in particular, our benchmarking and sourcing activities, with high quality research and analytics across multiple industry sectors. Being offshore, we are able to pass on these lower costs to our clients.

Change Management

To complement our change management capabilities, I-Change specialise in coaching and supporting individuals and teams during the change process. Together, we provide an holistic approach to change, from changing processes, behaviours etc., to coaching and supporting individuals during the change process itself.

IT & ERP/ SAP Benchmarking

To broaden our offerings around benchmarking, we are delighted to be working with IT Optima, market leaders in online enabled IT related benchmarking. Their benchmarking products cover IT, ERP, SAP and Project Management.

Workplace Survey and Analysis

JRA are leading providers of web enabled workplace survey and analysis. Their tools enhance our change management methodologies by enabling rapid, low cost, online diagnostics such as culture snapshots, and change process progress measurement.

6Sigma, Lean Sigma and World Class Safety performance improvement

Our partners, BWC, winners of national and industry awards for their achievements, have a heritage which includes the DuPont safety system. This unique combination of 6Sigma Black Belt and world class safety improvement capabilities enables a powerful approach to performance improvement, particularly in manufacturing environments.